Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Finally, Some Pictures!!

This is the first time I held Belen. My mom is to the right.

Belen was a sick little girl. This picture makes me a
little sad every time I look at it. I felt so helpless.

Ready to cheer on her cousin, Tatyana, in a soccer game.
Actually, I think she is enjoying the Tic Tac box more.

Baby Girl LOVES her food.
She is healthy and happy.

I wanted to share some pictures that show the transformation Belen has gone through in just a few short weeks. She is doing quite well. As you can tell by the last photo, she loves her breakfast. Thank you for all of the prayers that have brought Belen to this point. She is a doll, and I love her so very much!


  1. Cassie, she's gorgeous. I have some pics to get to you from the airport. Cute ones--some with your family also. Great one of Tatyana & Belen--pure love! Melts my heart.

  2. She is looking so good! She is just precious! She needed her Mommy and Mommy needed her...God is so good!

    Erica R.

  3. Cassie-I don't know if you remember us or not but we met you at one of the Ethiopia adoption gatherings this summer. You had just gotten your referral. We are so happy that you and Belen are doing so well! We were DTE 8/20 with AWAA and we are requesting an infant girl. It's so great to see how Belen is thriving...can't wait til it's our turn! We hope to see you AND Belen at another adoption gathering. :-)
    Missy and Brad Belote
    (and Zeke--our little one adopted from Vietnam)

  4. Cassie,
    Belen is just adorable!!!! Love those pics! It is so great to see a dream finally come to be a reality!!! I can't wait to meet her!
    Love & miss you!