Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Birthday Gift

Today is my birthday, and I have the most precious gift given to me directly from my Father. It has been a little over a year since I received my referral for Belen. June 24 of last year was the first time I saw my daughter's face through three of the most prized photos. I remember sleeping with those pictures for the longest time (I made many copies). This time last year, I was elated and attempting to prepare for motherhood. There was no way of knowing that I would be thrown into the role of "mother" before I ever held my baby. I remember vividly my conversations I had with my family on my birthday. All of them focused on becoming a mom and preparing for my long awaited trip. Two days after, I got a call from my agency letting me know Belen was very ill, and we needed to pray. Immediately, I was thrust into motherhood. I grieved for my child as any mother would; I cried out to God continuously for three days until I heard she was improving. My tears of agony became tears of joy and praise. So, today isn't about growing is about life and a new beginning. Hopefully, I have gained a little wisdom this past year. It has been the most beautiful and most difficult time of my 39 years.

I want to take time, as I have so many times this year, to thank my Father for my precious gift.